Blocking Days of The Week in Date Element

When creating forms in Formlets that will require you to use the date and time element, we have a new feature that will let you block days of the week, or will let you choose whether to use weekdays or weekends only. Depending on the choice preference of the form you want to create, here are the steps how to block days in date element:

1. Click on Date and Time element to be included in your form.
2. Click on "Edit" at the top to manage the settings.

3. On the "Edit" View you can edit the settings of this element. You can input Begin Date and End Date of your choice.
4. On the "Block Days of the Week" Option, you can click on the days you want to block. You can choose whether weekdays or weekends only.
5. After customizing the details, finish up your form, save settings, publish and try to see the results.