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and then started going and really the four times and not started yetThat doesn't work very good one at that time sounds cheap now but it was $45 an acre and you get less than $20 girl it said it was tough for everybody and it stayed that way until about 1987 things kind of got a little bit better 20 bushel barley is that the stuff that you combine when you had pneumonia yeah I think he told me the story where you went out one afternoon and you combine until late at night to get a hopper well actually I think that was a 92 or 3 with the beans oh that was later Laker beans in several fields we had a lot of fields in the twenties but it was just way too wet that whole year in 93 of leave is a year they had pick your ass I can't remember all the details but anyway you have a lot of corn in in the area ended up getting destroyed plowed under chopped we harvested the tires we probably should have plowed it under there was a government program to do that and we didn't go in that ended up selling probably a third of it to neighbor that combined with the cob and put it in the silo to feed cattle we fought a lot of it through the combine through the dryer I remember in 93 we finish come by in about 2-3 days before my birthday which is December 21st on my birthday we were in the web tank it was a top or bottom coolant tank we

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