Fellowship Christian School Class Registration, 2018-2019Please complete class registration by no later than Monday, September 17th.

Please enter student grade.

Grade 1 - Grade 5 World Language Class Selection/Registration, 2018-19

Please select the world language class you would like your child to take part in for the 2018-2019 school year.  Please only  choose one.

World Language is a part of the daily curriculum taught at Fellowship Christian School.

Grade 6 - Grade 12 Class Selection/Registration, 2018-19

Grade 6 - Grade 12 Class Registration, 2018-19

The class registration only needs to be completed for each student in Grades 6-12.  Please select one course for each class period.  Please make sure to complete the class selection for both semesters (Semester 1 & Semester 2).  Class Registration/Grade Level Requirements must be followed when selecting classes.  Please refer to these on the school website.

Period/Class 1: Select 2 classes for each semester (M/TH & T/W)

Period/Class 2: Bible & Chapel (Mandatory & already selected)

Period/Class 3: Choose 1

Period/Class 4: Choose 1

Period/Class 5: Choose 1

Period/Class 6: Choose 1

Period/Class 7: Choose 1

Period/Class 8: Choose 1 per semester

Period/Class 9: Choose 1 per semester

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