GSC - Application(Use this form to apply to Join Our Team.)

Name of Company (If applying as a licensed security compnay)

Check all that apply.

If yes, please submit a copy of DD214 for review.

Must provide a recent copy of criminal record from local PD.

All officers are required to have a recent copy of their criminal record on file.

Submit a copy of your Drivers License for our records.

Include a photo, year, make, model and color; if applying for mobile patrol.

Officers are required to have an active smart phone for reporting procedures.

If yes, submit your armed license number.

If yes, submit copies of certifificates.

Officers are expected to have all the tools of the trade to include green tactical pants, black shoes/boots and plain black polo shirt and jacket.

Officers must have an active PayPal account in order to receive pay.

By submitting this application. I understand that I will be working as a 1099 (W9) independent contractor and that I will be providing contract security services on an a needed basis and that I am responsible for the costs of all uniforms, equipment and training and that I must have a PayPal account in order to receive my pay.