Tots with Tempo Registration

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Session 4 runs from 2/26-4/23 and is $157.00. Session 5 runs from 4/29-5/28 and is $90.00.


I understand that by completing this registration form I am entering into a committment with Accelerando Music to become a Tots with Tempo member. I agree to pay Accelerando Music the full amount for the above-mentioned session upon receipt of invoice.  If no payment has been made within 72 hours, I understand that I could forfeit my spot.

 I understand that as a Tots with Tempo member I will AUTOMATICALLY BE RE-ENROLLED in subsequent sessions unless I provide 30 DAYS CANCELLATION NOTICE. Any cancellations made less than 30 days prior to a new session start date are subject to being charged the full course tuition.  Accelerando Music does NOT keep a credit card on file or do automated withdraws.  Members will pay via Venmo, check, cash, or online via a Quickbooks invoice.  

I understand that there are no refunds for late cancellations or missed class dates.  
Make-up opportunities are provided.