Form 3: Brand info for broadcastThe following assets are for televised broadcast. This includes talking points, high-resolution images, and b-roll or other video content

Talking Points — Brand Overview and Individual Products

The vendor name that will appear on the show/shop (exact spelling)

Please provide 4-5 major points that highlight the overall details of your brand that you would like the hosts to communicate and share with the viewers.

Place your talking points in order of importance. #1 should be what you insist the hosts say on air, while #4 or #5 might get skipped if time doesn't allow.

If it's relevant, some details you might want to include are:

• What is included in the package 
• Warranty information
• What it’s made of
• Where it’s made
• Weight/Size
• How to use it
• Features & Benefits
• Brief summary description

Please provide talking points specific for one or more products being featured in the segment. Please include the product title, SKU, and product-specific talking points. 

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