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Why Subscribe to HeadsUp! SCOUTING?

At HeadsUp! SCOUTING, we know that recruiting is the lifeline of any program and that’s why we believe our scouting service is a huge asset to those who subscribe. The service is only available to college coaches/teams and is an NCAA certified/approved scouting service for the 2019/2020 academic year. 

* Significantly reduce your recruiting expenses.​

  • * Have access to specific scouting reports and character information on any players in our region you are considering signing.

  • * Have access to our complete prospect database to help discover your next prospect.

  • * Receive detailed reports on all tournaments and events we attend. This includes scholastic and non-scholastic events. You can save money by receiving our reports in lieu of attending events yourself.

Go to to SUBSCRIBE to this service. Indicate Subscription Level in "memo/description" field.