NAP - We need you

As the New Admin Panel project is going forward, we need to plan our roadmap for the months (and years!) to come. Certain topics are completely new compared to the old UI, some have drastically changed.

We need your help to figure out what to build next. 

Roles are a core topic of the Virta system. They define who can access modules, features and general data. We want to build the NAP roles together with you. Please help us understand the roles you are currently using (or needing) so we can define them as part of our development process.

Widgets are the new "thing" of the NAP. They will allow anyone to create the most relevant dashboard for their needs. We have a few good ideas of what to display there - but surely you know better what you would like to see at a glance when logging into the panel.

Notifications are new in the NAP. We are planning on adding notifications to the NAP. They will include some system notifications, access requests, new members or release information. Any other idea you may have can be shared here!

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