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Policies & Procedures:

By taking sessions with Mystic Moon Tree (A service offered by Learn the Beat) you understand that these sessions are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Your session advisor
is not licensed, or certified in conventional ways, but you are confident they can perform these skills to the best of their ability. Please consult with a qualified therapist, &/or medical practitioner in addition to these sessions. While we may offer information on traditional uses of
herbal remedies used by indigenous & folk societies, we can’t recommend that you use any of our products internally. If you choose to take herbs & herbal remedies internally, we will not be held
responsible for your actions. These statements have not been evaluated by the food & drug administration. By participating in these sessions you release Learn the Beat, Mystic Moon Tree & your session advisor from any liability associated with harm to you or your property. You understand that this is a historical building & may not be able to conform to modern handicap, building codes & safety regulations, but that we will make every effort to provide for your unique needs & safety. You understand that we live & work here & will respect the needs of the residence & park at the front of the building & not on the side. You will be responsible for any damage, or harm you cause while on location. You understand our pets live here & will not cause harm to
them, or hold us liable for any harm they may cause. You agree that you are of sound mind & body to participate in these sessions. Please inform your session advisor, if you have any allergies, handicaps, health issues, or if you are suffering from depression, or other mental psychosis, as some holistic therapies may aggravate these conditions. These sessions may not be able to remove deep energy blockages, wounds & attachments. If you do not strive to follow the fundamental principles taught by Mystic Moon Tree & we feel you are choosing a negative path, or vibration that is not in alignment with ours, you understand we may at our discretion discontinue your sessions.  Please see our website at for current pricing & other info. We can not verify the validity behind your intuitive tarot reading. These readings are meant for entertainment purposes. You either believe in these services, or you don’t
J Thank you for choosing to take Mystic Moon Tree Sessions.

Payment Pollicy

Money is an energy exchange. In working with Mystic Moon Tree you understand that we do not view this exchange exactly like the rest of the modern world might. Please ask, if you would like
more clarity on our beliefs. We expect that you will communicate openly & honestly with us about any resistance you hold towards our policies & prices. We accept payments as thanks for needed materials & services exchanged, holding space, providing spiritual healing & guidance, whether you are committed to being present for your sessions, or not.
  We expect that you will reciprocate in this healing exchange by appreciating the effort we make to be able to hold this sacred space for you. We do charge for most of our services, because we also live in a modern world & need to to survive. Sometimes we choose to discount, or trade for our services. These options will be
taken away from people who don’t appreciate them, or abuse them. We only accept customers who are spiritually ready & financially able to work with us without stress & tension. If you are focusing on the price of your session rather than the positive changes you will be bringing into
your life, then you may not be ready to take sessions with us, & that’s ok. Schedule when you are truly ready. You must maintain a prepaid credit on account of at least one session at least 1 week prior to your scheduled appointment time. Most of our customers save up, commit to themselves, & maintain at least 1 months worth of prepaid credit, so that they can focus more on their healing & less on the financial aspect. Materials, lots of care & effort go into set up for each of our sessions that are lost with last minute cancellations. Due to the nature of these sessions we can not reschedule into a last minute held space. In order to be able to continue offering these services &
maintain our own wellbeing our policy is to require that all customers call, or message with at least 24 hours notice to cancel a lesson, or session in order to retain their credit on account. If you cancel last minute you will still be charged for the missed appointment. We understand that unforeseen circumstances may hinder you from making an appointment, but we are not responsible for those events & have still made a heartfelt effort to dedicate materials & time for you personally. We hope that you understand this & appreciate our efforts.

 Disclaimer & Credit Card Authorization Agreement: 

For long term reoccurring session customers each weekly, or monthly payment will be charged 1 week prior to utilizing the last lesson credit on file. This allows us to reserve your appointment time. A declined transaction fee of $1.00 will be charged, each time the payment declines. Payment methods accepted VISA, MasterCard & Discover. Please make checks payable to Stephanie Cimmarusti. You understand that your information is confidential, but, if authorized, will be saved to file for future transactions on your account. This is a binding agreement in exchange for services. You understand that, should you fail to maintain your payments as agreed, it may constitute a hardship on Learn the Beat/Mystic Moon Tree & legal action may be taken to recover lost income. 

Thank you for choosing to take a Mystic Moon Tree Session.