Visitor COVID-19 ChecklistPre-meeting checklist

This form must be completed in the time period 24-48 hours BEFORE your visit to Sigma, OPD or SigCare.

You will not be granted access to our site if this form is not completed.
Forms completed more than 48 hours before a visit will need to be repeated nearer your visit

The company request that visitors
do not attend the site if they are experiencing covid-19 symptoms or ill

Visitors must inform our company
immediately if they are a confirmed covid-19 case within 72 hours after their

In the event of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Sigma, your details may be sent to the NHS TEST & TRACE SERVICES who will contact you via email or phone

If your answer is yes, please state which country and where

Thank you for completing this form.
If we have any concerns about the information given we may contact you before your visit to discuss the details, and may ask you not to visit at this time.
If any details change please contact your host to let them know.
We appreciate your cooperation.

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