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You know that immaculate, bountiful towel display at Bed, Bath, and Beyond? Stacks of perfectly folded towels towering to the ceiling. Well, sorry to tell you, it’s fake. (Google it!)

What’s not fake is the fact that a sense of abundance motivates our viewers to buy more. Also, products that are carefully merchandised and made to shine like treasures on TV equal even more sales!

Lisa Robertson will not have much room via satellite to show the larger items on screen. With that in mind, please send max 2 units of small products (ex: 1 Bold color and 1 neutral, should this apply to your brand).

Here’s what we need from you: ship samples, lots and fast. Being economical on samples and shipping is not a very good thing. 

Please complete this form once you’ve shipped your samples. If it’s not completed in time, we can’t be friends anymore.

The vendor name that will appear on the show/shop (exact spelling)

Sample Labelling

Please label the box CLEARLY with the following information. Lots of samples are coming in and we don't want any getting lost or ending up in dusty old corners and forgotten.
• BRAND NAME (in CAPS) as it will appear on air.

Sample Tracking Numbers

We kindly implore that you use next-day or express service. Just like a new friend, the set designers and segment hosts will need time with your products in order to get acquainted with their best qualities.

Send samples to: 

Lisa Robertson 
1400 Prizer Road
Pottstown, PA

Send samples to:
Martha Byrne
93 Brookwood Dr
Mahwah NJ

Send samples to:
Keith Walker  229 Snowden St. Franklin TN, 37064

Send samples to: Chase Peel

95 Orchard Street

Cos Con CT 06807